A Shadow Walker’s Lesson

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The nights in the Vale descend swiftly, smothering the land in darkness. Slowly the sounds of creatures stirring and waking for the hunt echoed across the water to Yojamba Isle where Kelruk waited by the fire. He remained motionless and silent, eyes closed, until the sun winked out of sight below the horizon. He stood then, stripping out of his leathers and placing them aside; in their place he wrapped himself in a loose kilt, leaving his upper body bare, and tied a dark band around each arm. Finally he bent down to the earth and placed the mask upon his head. He was ready to begin. Read more…

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A Head Above the Rest

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Kelruk paced and paced around the hut. He paced outside the hut. He climbed up to the thatched roof and perched there for a while before coming down and pacing some more. He tried to meditate, idly bouncing Ok’anu on his knee as he reached out to the spirit world. And then he got up and paced some more.

He was restless. Read more…

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Tying up Loose Ends, part 2

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Wake up, you kodo-headed buffoon.

Kelruk groaned and turned over without opening his eyes. “Get out of my head, old crow.” A sharp rap on his forehead brought him fully awake, and he struggled to open his swollen red eyes. “You look like shit, boyo. And I’m not in your head, I’m in your damn hut looking after your ass.” Van’jar muttered and ran a cool wet cloth over the forehead he had just viciously smacked. “Getting too old for this shit.” Kel groaned again and tried to sit up but was swiftly forced back down onto the furs. “Stay.”

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Tying up Loose Ends

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Kelruk hummed to himself as he drew the circle, muttering in Zandali. He spread the ash and bone meal along the border and leaned back, seating himself in the center. The fire was burning low, the herbs of the incense sending up a thick cloud of sweet smoke. The night seemed to grow heavy and thick around him as he let the smoke, the dancing flames and his own chanting fill his head. The offerings to Legba had been made, the circle completed, the chant begun; only one thing remained. With his dagger he drew a thin line across his palm and pressed his hand down into the rich, dark earth of the Vale and waited.

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Happily Ever After

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The small house was quiet now, and dark. Only the pale moon creeping through the open window lit the room, and the old grandfather clock ticked ponderously on. The shadow was silent as it moved through the darkness, not a breath or a heartbeat betraying its presence. Cold steel shone for a moment in the moonlight, but soon enough the blade too was dark. The shadow crouched like a wild beast, reveling in the hot blood of her prey.

A cry came from the next room and she jerked at the sound and slipped through the darkness once more. The door opened at her touch, revealing the crying babe in her crib. Two orbs glowed in the darkness as the shadow reached in and held the babe to her breast and cooed to it softly. “My beautiful girl…my beautiful, beautiful baby girl.” The little one began to wail as the cold hands caressed her. “Hush now baby girl. I’ll take you away and we can be together forever and ever.” The cries slowly subsided and soon the house was quiet once more, not a breath or a heartbeat to be heard. “Forever and ever…”

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Cousin’s…er, Uncle’s…Everyone’s Keeper

December 29, 2010 1 comment

The tiny robot beeped and chirped mournfully, clutching a dog-eared copy of Topographical Maps and Surveys of Kezan and Outlying Regions, Twenty-Third Edition. He replaced the tome within his center cavity and continued searching the busy streets of Orgrimmar. He hadn’t found the library stacks yet, but they had to be here somewhere, he just knew it. Read more…

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Kelruk and Van’jar sipped from their flasks as they looked out over the morning bustle of Orgrimmar from their perch by the falls. Kel looked to his uncle and put down his flask of frog venom brew. “So, tell me about this cousin of mine. I didn’t have the chance to talk to either of you for long yesterday.” Van’jar nodded and tucked his flask back with the others on his belt, rubbing his chin. “You have time for a story then?” His nephew grinned at him and made himself comfortable. “Always.”

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